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NB. SI TRATTA DELLA VERSIONE A CARREGGIATA PIU' LARGA (+12%) IN VERSIONE M3 OCCORRE UTILIZZARE I CERCHI V3 A new breed of tire technology is hitting the market hard and V3 is leading the way. Introducing a tire tread that outlasts and outperforms on many of today’s 1:8 off-road circuits - Revolver V3. You’ve heard the news of the Revolver taking the World Championship title in its debut race. Now take that same technology and make it 12% wider, you are able to increase stability and traction throughout your vehicles performance. The Revolver V3 is 4.6mm wider then standard Revolver tires. The added width adapts 2 more rows of tread to the tire. Not only do the additional knobs create more traction but they also make the tire last longer. Blue-groove tracks become increasingly easier to go the distance in those long mains or during those long practice sessions. "I’m not an expert driver or a setup guru, but the positive change in drivability while using the V3’s is dramatic.  My vehicles are noticeably smoother around the track and I definitely feel more competitive with them." -D.L. “I was amazed at how long the V3 version tires lasted and how well my car handled. It was like cheating,” Chad Bradley, Pro-Line/Jammin Team Driver. Get ready to experience what some of today’s top drivers are experiencing - Revolver V3. (For use on the rear of 1:8 buggies and most front of 1:8 buggies) Tire Features: Lug size is perfect for a variety of surfaces Lug spacing optimizes traction and tread longevity World Champion molded foam insert included For use on V3 size wheels Made from XTR (Firm), M2 (Medium), M3 (Soft) compounds What’s included: Revolver V3 tires (2 pcs) Molded V3 foam inserts (2 pcs)

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