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Sanwa MX-Sport Radio a volantino - Istruzioni in Inglese
Marca: Sanwa
Cod. SR-101A28815A
€ 95,09
€ 66,69
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Istruzioni solo in inglese

LCD screen displays digital adjustments and settings
Four edit keys for setup
10 model memory (#0 - 9) 
Use up to three letters, numbers or symbols to easily identify the models
Dual Rate Steering (D/R Steering) 
Steering angle can be changed using digital trim.
Digital Trim
Steering Trim, Throttle Trim, Adjustable Throttle ATL and D/R steering can all be sdjusted using digital trim switches
Switch function reassignment (DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4) 
Allows for assignment of a function to any digital trim switches (digital trim switches, rocker switches). 
Alle switches are digital so there is no need to readjust trim position for different models after initial setup
Package contains:
Sanwa MX-SPORT 2,4 GHz FHSS-2 radio
Sanwa RX-371 2,4 GHz FHSS-2 receiver
On-Off switch
4xR6 (AA) battery box
8 x R6 1,5V (AA) battery
Manufacturer stock No. 101A28815A
Technical data
Weight: 482 g
Voltage Range: 12V - 8x1,5V AA batteries
Frequency: 2,4 GHz ISM Band
Modulation: FHSS-2 2,4 GHz

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